The company must have at least one shareholder. You will need to provide the personal identification details, contact information (telephone number and e-mail address), and residential address of each of the shareholders when submitting the application online.

You must also indicate the amount of issued capital i.e. the total amount that shareholders have paid for their shares. The minimum issued capital must be at least $1. However, there is no minimum paid up capital required.

A company may issue different types of shares with different conditions. Generally, a company issues two main types of shares:

  • Ordinary shares: Carry voting rights and entitle shareholders to variable rates of dividends (i.e. payments to shareholders from profits of the company)
  • Preference shares: Has preferential rights over ordinary shares, usually in respect of dividend distributions. The specific rights and benefits of preferential shares are commercial decisions decided by each company. They are contained in the Constitution or resolutions passed during meetings.

Note: Companies with paid-up capital of $0.5 million and above automatically become members of the Singapore Business Federation.

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