List of common offences committed by businesses under the Business Names Registration Act 2014

Section 20(1)

  • Failure to notify the Registrar of changes made in any particulars registered in respect of any person or of the business carried on by him within 14 days after the change.

Section 34(1)

  • Being an undischarged bankrupt who directly or indirectly takes part in or is concerned in the management of any business carried on by any person required to be registered under this Act, without the leave of the High Court or the written permission of the Official Assignee.

Section 35(1)(a)

Any individual proprietor carrying on business under only the individual proprietor's full name is not required to be registered when carrying on business in Singapore. 

Subject to the above, a person who is required to be registered may not:

  • carry on business without being registered;
  • carry on business in Singapore under a business name that is different from the person's registered business name; or
  • carry on business under a business name after the person's registration in respect of the business name has been cancelled or ceased. 

Section 35(1)(c)

  • A person who makes any statement or furnishes any information to the Registrar under the provisions of this Act which is false in any material particular or by reason of the omission of any material particular and which he either knows or has reason to believe is false


Penalties for Late Lodgements/Renewal

Length of Default (Days) Late Lodgement Fee/Composition Amount
Not more than 30 days $10
Between 31 days to 60 days (Both days inclusive) $25
Between 61 days to 90 days (Both days inclusive) $50
Between 91 days to 180 days (Both days inclusive) $75
Between 181 days to 365 days (Both days inclusive) $100
Between 366 days to 730 days (Both days inclusive) $150
Between 731 days to 1095 days (Both days inclusive) $200
More than 1096 days $250

Below is an example of when penalty will be imposed for late lodgements or renewals.

The business owner of Bee Partnership has changed his principal place of business from 123 Yarra Road Singapore 561342 to 987 Aroozoo Lane Singapore 847652 on 15 March 2012. Section 14 of the Business Registration Act requires the business owner to notify the change of principal place of business within 14 days of the change. The business owner lodged the prescribed form online via BizFile on 23 May 2012. The penalty imposed on the business owner is:

Legal Requirement Due Date to File Notification Date of Notification Period of Default Penalty
Section 14 29 March 2012 23 May 2012 30 March 2012 to 23 May 2012 $25

Notice: The above guide is intended to provide broad guidance. As it avoids legal language wherever possible, it might contain some generalisations about the applications of the law. Professional advice should be sought on how the relevant laws may apply to your specific case or circumstances.

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