Conversion of LP to Business and Restoration of LP Registration

  • Deemed Registration as a Business Firm
    When the last limited partner of the LP has withdrawn from the LP, the LP registration will be suspended and the general partner(s) will be deemed to be registered as a sole-proprietorship or partnership under Business Names Registration Act.
  • Addition of Limited Partner to Restore LP Registration
    The LP registration will be restored once a limited partner is appointed to the LP. Upon restoration, the general partner(s) will cease to be registered under the Business Names Registration Act and the status of the business firm will be updated to “Ceased Registration”.

Conversion of LP (from Regulation 12 to non-Regulation 12)

If the LP can no longer meet the conditions which satisfy the registration of the LP as a Regulation 12 LP, it has to be converted from a Regulation 12 LP to a non-Regulation 12 LP.

Please click here (PDF, 120KB) to view the Limited Partnerships Regulations 2009.


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