Corppass is the authorisation system for entities to manage digital service access of employees who need to perform corporate transactions and is managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech). Individuals who need to transact in a business capacity with the government are required to be UEN-registered to be eligible for Corppass

For more information on Corppass, please visit Corppass website .

Unique Entity Number

After incorporation, every new business will be issued a system-generated Unique Entity Number (UEN).  Businesses must use this UEN when transacting with government agencies.

Special UEN

ACRA also offers a Special UEN (SUN) service which allows you to reserve a preferred UEN from an list of reserved UENs at the point of entity incorporation/registration . The preferred UEN numbers costs either $1,000 or $3,000 each, depending on the selected tier.  

Free Business Profile

From 2 June 2017, all newly incorporated entities will receive a free business profile. This profile is an electronic report containing details about the new entity.  Upon successful incorporation/registration, the lodger will receive an email with a URL to download the profile. The free business profile applies to successful annual filing/renewal/declaration for an entity. For business renewal via GIRO, upon successful renewal, the free Business Profile will be sent to all the individual business owners the next day.

Alternate Address

Directors and company officers have the option of providing ACRA with an address in addition to their usual residential address. The alternate address will be displayed in the Business Profile for public information, instead of the residential address. It must be an address where the company officer can be contacted, and must be within the same jurisdiction as the residential address. It cannot be a P.O. Box address. This service costs $40. ACRA reserves the right to display the company officer’s residential address in the Business Profile if he/she cannot be reached via the alternate address provided.

Membership with Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

Under the SBF Act, all Singapore-registered companies with share capital of S$0.5 million and above are members of SBF. Companies registered with ACRA with paid-up capital that meets the threshold of $0.5 million will receive a notification letter from SBF on their membership. For more information, please visit the SBF website

DashBod by SMECEN

DashBod is a cloud-based integrated software that provides Accounting with Statutory Reporting features and Human Resources modules. With built-in regulatory compliance features, SMEs can easily prepare and file on time with ACRA, IRAS and CPF. DashBod is a PEPPOL Access Point and can issue Peppol invoices, the national e-invoicing framework that can increase productivity and improve cash flow for SMEs. DashBod HR features a full suite of epayroll, eleave, eclaims.

DashBod is developed by SMECEN, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME). Visit the DashBod website for more information.
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