Renewing your Registration for Limited Partnerships (LPs)

You must renew your registration before the expiry date if you intend to continue running the limited partnership. You can renew the LP registration, up to 60 days before the expiry date. If you are late in renewing the LP registration, a penalty may be imposed for the late renewal.  

The registered partners for the LP must ensure that their Medisave contributions are paid up-to-date with the CPF Board; otherwise the LP registration cannot be renewed or the LP registration may be cancelled.
 Note: It is an offence to carry on business after the LP registration has expired.

Submitting your transaction via BizFile+

Log in to BizFile+.

Submit an application to "Renew a Limited Partnership".  Select the period of renewal. You have the option to renew the registration for one year or three years*.

Renewal Fee (non-refundable) 
One year $30
Three years* $90

*The three-year renewal option is only available if:

  • You have fully paid up your Medisave with the CPF Board, or
  • You are on a regular instalment plan (e.g. GIRO) for your Medisave, payments and have a good record of Medisave contributions i.e. prompt Medisave contributions for up to 24 months prior to renewing the business registration, or
  • You have never been registered with the CPF Board as a self-employed person.

Free Business Profile

Once you have successfully renewed your LP registration, ACRA will send you an email with a URL to download a free Business Profile – an electronic report containing business registration information of that entity.

For more information, visit Free Business Profiles

Closing the LP

If you have no intention to continue the business and do not wish to renew the LP registration, you should file the Notice of Cessation online via BizFile+ to close the LP before the expiry date. There is no fee payable for filing this transaction.

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