Register of Registrable Controllers

All companies, foreign companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in Singapore (unless exempted) are required to set up and maintain a register of registrable controllers (RORC) within 30 days from the date of incorporation.

Registrable controllers are commonly known as beneficial owners of the entity. The register of registrable controllers should be kept in the entity’s registered office address, or at the office of their authorised filing agent. 

With effect from 30 Jul 2020, the same RORC information must be lodged with ACRA’s central register via BizFile+ portal. Information in the ACRA central register will only be made available to law enforcement agencies; members of the public will not have access to the RORC information lodged with ACRA.

For more information on setting up and maintaining your RORC, please click here

Electronic Register of Members

All companies must maintain an electronic Register of Members, which is a listing of all shareholders, with ACRA. This information is updated whenever a company files a registration of share ownership or changes in share ownership.

All companies’ electronic Registers of Members are available for purchase by members of the public through our iShop@ACRA.

Electronic Registers of Directors, Secretaries, Auditors and CEOs

All companies must maintain electronic registers of directors, secretaries, auditors and CEOs with ACRA. Companies are required to update ACRA within 14 days after changes in appointments.

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