An LLP may apply to ACRA to strike its name off the register pursuant to Section 38 of the LLP Act. ACRA may approve the application if there is reasonable cause to believe that the LLP is not carrying on business and the LLP is able to satisfy the criteria for striking off.

How to Apply

The LLP or a registered filing agent can submit the application for striking off. There is no fee payable for this transaction. 

After logging in to the BizFile+ website, go to "eServices" and select "Limited Liability Partnership" followed by "Close a Limited Liability Partnership". Once at the page, you would be able to see the various striking off options and the detailed e-guides for reference.

Review Process for Striking Off  

  1. Once the application is approved, ACRA may send a striking off letter to the LLP’s registered office address, its partners and managers at their residential address and to IRAS and CPFB.
  2. If there is no objection, ACRA will publish the name of the LLP in the Government Gazette. This is known as the First Gazette Notification.
  3. After 60 days from the First Gazette Notification, if there is no objection, ACRA will publish the name of the LLP in the Government Gazette again and the name of the LLP will be struck off the register. The date that the LLP is struck off will be stated. This is known as the Final Gazette Notification.

The entire process will take at least 4 months.

Lodgment of an Objection Against Striking Off

Any interested person can submit an objection against a striking off application. There is no fee payable for this transaction.

If ACRA receives any objection, we will inform the LLP of the objection. The LLP is given 2 months to resolve the matter. If the LLP is unable to resolve the matter within 2 months, the striking off application will lapse. The LLP can only submit a new application after the objection has been cleared. 

Clearance of an Objection To Striking Off

The person who objects to the striking off application must login to Bizfile+ to clear the objection within 2 months from the objection lodgement date, before ACRA can proceed to continue with the striking off process. There is no fee payable for this transaction.

NOTE: Please ensure that there is no outstanding tax credit owing to the LLP before applying for striking off. When the LLP is dissolved, any tax credit due to the LLP will be paid over to the Insolvency Office. The partners of the defunct LLP may approach Insolvency Office if they wish to claim the tax credit. Please note that Insolvency Office may impose charges for the processing of the claim. For more information on how to make a claim, please visit Insolvency Office's website.

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