Corporate Development Division

The Corporate Development Division (CDD) comprises the Corporate Communications Department and Corporate Planning Department. The division supports the organisation’s growth through the development of strategies, policies and systems. It oversees ACRA’s external communications and international engagements.

Corporate Communications Department

The Corporate Communications Department (CCD) develops and executes communications strategies and plans to promote ACRA’s corporate profile and promulgate ACRA’s key messages. The department oversees ACRA’s international engagement strategy and advances Singapore’s interests abroad. CCD also coordinates ACRA’s stakeholder engagement efforts to foster better understanding of the corporate regulatory framework and engender support for ACRA’s role as a business regulator and facilitator.

Corporate Planning Department

The Corporate Planning Department (CPD) is responsible for corporate policies, strategic planning, corporate performance and enterprise risk management in ACRA. CPD monitors the operating environment and drives organisational excellence through identifying opportunities for organisation-wide improvements and capability-building. CPD provides the secretariat support to the ACRA Board and EXCO.

Customer Experience Division

The Customer Experience Division (CED) comprises the Registry Services Department and Registry Systems Unit. The division sets the strategic direction for ACRA's service delivery, registry operations and innovation efforts.

Registry Services Department

The Registry Services Department (RSD) manages key customer touch-points for the public to seek assistance and obtain information related to ACRA, and is responsible for the registration of business entities in Singapore. RSD manages the Customer Relationship System (CRMS), Helpdesk (including Virtual Assistant) and e-platforms for delivery of services. It also manages the registration of documents, notices, and returns filed by business entities through the electronic filing system. As the anchor department for business registration matters, RSD drives registry-related policy reviews and consequential changes to the relevant Acts to facilitate ease of doing business in Singapore.

Registry Systems Unit

Registry Systems Unit leads the enhancements of ACRA’s online business registry systems.  As user experts, they co-ordinate with other user representatives to ensure completeness in end-to-end system testing and delivery of quality services and products in ACRA’s registry.

Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division (CSD) comprises the Administration Department, Human Resource Department and Finance Department. The division partners line departments to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Administration Department

Administration Department (AD) manages ACRA’s administrative functions, including the e-Registry, procurement, physical assets and facilities. AD drives organisation-wide efforts to fulfil the IM requirements on record management procedures and standards. AD also oversees the Procurement function and facilitates proper governance and internal controls through rendering effective procurement advice and staff training.

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department (HRD) develops and implements human resource policies, frameworks and systems to attract and retain high performers. It is responsible for manpower planning and recruitment, training and development, talent management, performance management and staff benefits design. HR also works with other divisions to imbue in staff the iACRA values, and promotes the culture of excellence in the organisation.

Finance Department

The Finance Department (FD) is responsible for ACRA’s budgetary decisions, finance processes and financial reporting. The FD ensures optimal collection and allocation of financial resources to meet ACRA’s operational needs and organisational objectives. FD also optimises the use of financial resources by driving performance through key performance metrics and budget utilisation.

Compliance Division

The Compliance Division (CD) comprises the Enforcement Department and the Investigation Department. The division sets the strategic direction for ACRA’s enforcement efforts.

Enforcement Department

The Enforcement Department (ED) promotes voluntary compliance in the annual statutory filing of business entities and takes actions against non-compliant business entities.

Investigation Department

The Investigation Department (ID) investigates into offences under ACRA-administered legislation. It also regulates Registered Filing Agents and relevant commercial entities for compliance with anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism requirements.  

Information and Technology Division

The Information and Technology Division (I&TD) comprises the Information Resource Department (IRD), IT Planning and Governance Department (ITPG) and InfoComm Technology Department (ICTD). The division sets strategic directions for ACRA’s digitalization efforts and manages all matters related to quality of data and value of information.

Information Resource Department

Information Resource Department (IRD) is in charge of data policy and the provision of reliable data to public. It protects the integrity and undertakes the preservation of data filed by registered business entities, public accountants and corporate service providers in Singapore. IRD also facilitates public data enquiries including the rectification of data records and carries out data analysis of our information services. To deliver value added services that meet the customers’ needs and promote the public usage of data in ACRA's registry, IRD initiates and also works with government agencies and private sector stakeholders to develop and enhance information products.

IT Planning and Governance Department

IT Planning and Governance Department's (ITPG) role is to strengthen ACRA’s IT governance and build Ops-Tech digital capabilities. Its key responsibilities include overseeing ICT security matters, the development of IT security capabilities, and medium and long term enterprise architecture and roadmap of ACRA systems. The department drives the adoption of digital technologies, co-develops proof of concepts and pilots new innovative technologies and solutions, and building ACRA’s Ops-Tech capabilities.

InfoComm Technology Department

InfoComm Technology Department (ICTD) plans, implements and supports ACRA’s ICT infrastructure and application systems and delivers value-creating ICT solutions. ICTD’s key responsibilities include Application Systems and Technical Services Management and Maintenance. It capitalizes on IT as a strategic tool for continuous improvement and agency’s overall business transformation. It also advises ACRA on Singapore’s smart nation strategies and initiatives. 

Financial Reporting Division

The Financial Reporting Division (FRD) comprises the Financial Information Department and Financial Reporting Surveillance Department. The division sets the strategic direction in promoting high quality financial reporting and filing by companies incorporated in Singapore.

Financial Information Department

The Financial Information Department (FID) is responsible for managing the filing mechanism and format of eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) for financial statements filed with ACRA. The FID also administers the financial reporting related exemptions granted to companies, including reviewing the related policies and laws, so as to achieve a good balance between compliance and ease of doing business.

Financial Reporting Surveillance Department

The Financial Reporting Surveillance Department (FRSD) is responsible for administering the Financial Reporting Surveillance Programme (FRSP). Under the FRSP, selected financial statements filed with ACRA are reviewed for compliance with the prescribed accounting standards in Singapore.

Legal Division

The Legal Division (LD) comprises the Legal Services Department and the Prosecution Department. The division provides legal support to ACRA divisions and departments, including legal advice on civil and regulatory matters, law reform and prosecution of offences under the various legislation administered by ACRA.

Legal Services Department

The Legal Services Department (LSD) advises the ACRA Board, Public Accountants Oversight Committee and other ACRA divisions and departments on all legal matters other than enforcement matters, drafts and reviews contracts and tenders, and advises on civil actions that may impact ACRA. LSD also works with other divisions on legislative reforms and amendments to legislation under ACRA’s purview. 

Prosecution Department

The Prosecution Department (PD) evaluates evidence to determine whether offences under ACRA-administered legislation are disclosed and prosecutes the offenders in court; works with the Attorney General's Chambers and the Ministry of Finance on High Court applications filed by company directors who have been disqualified; conducts all hearings before the Disciplinary Committees appointed by the Public Accountants Oversight Committee; and advises on legal issues relating to the regulation of business entities and individuals. PD also deals with a range of international law matters and proposes law reform on regulatory matters.   

Public Accountancy Division

The Public Accountancy Division (PAD) comprises the Practice Monitoring Department and Professional Oversight Department. The division regulates and facilitates the development of Singapore’s public accountancy sector. It supports ACRA’s role as the national regulator of public accountants and promotes high professional standards in the public accountancy sector.

Practice Monitoring Department

The Practice Monitoring Department (PMD) is responsible for the administration of the Practice Monitoring Programme to drive ACRA’s strategic objective of promoting high quality audit and corporate financial reporting, which includes performing practice reviews of audits carried out by public accountants in Singapore. PMD also supports ACRA’s regulatory efforts in monitoring events and trends in the local and international marketplace and carries out other regulatory activities on the work and independence of public accountants when required.

Professional Oversight Department

The Professional Oversight Department (POD) oversees the registration and disciplinary matters of public accountants and accounting entities. POD also reviews the adoption of the ethical standards applicable to the public accountants in Singapore.

Accounting Policy Department

The Accounting Policy Department (APD) is responsible for developing strategy and policies for the accountancy sector, including the review of Accountants’ Act, and engaging with the various stakeholders to promote quality of audit and financial reporting, both in Singapore and internationally.  

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