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How to register

All applications for the registration of a new LP must be submitted online via BizFile+. You can register a LP in the following ways:

  1. Log in to BizFile+ to submit the online transaction. All proposed partners need to endorse their consent online via BizFile+.
  2. Engage the services of a registered filing agent (e.g. law firm, accounting firm or corporate secretarial firm) to submit an online application on your behalf.

Registration Fee

Name Application Fee 


LP Registration Fee (1-year)  


LP Registration Fee (3-year)


Processing Time

The application is usually processed within 15 minutes after the name application fee is paid.

It may take between 14 days to 60 days if the application needs to be referred to another agency for approval or review. For example, if the intention of the LP is to carry out activities involving the setting up of a private school, the application will be referred to the Ministry of Education. 

For more information on the different referral authorities, please access this link: list of Referral Authorities.

The LP may commence business once it is registered with ACRA. This is on condition that the LP does not require any licences/approvals from other government agencies in order to carry out the business activities.

LP name reservation

An approved LP name will be reserved for 120 days from the date of name approval. No further extension of name reservation period is allowed.

Unique Entity Number (UEN)

Upon successful registration, each Limited Partnership will be issued with a system-generated Unique Entity Number (UEN).  The UEN is an identification number that all business entities need to use when transacting with government agencies.

Special UEN (SUN)

The Special UEN (SUN) service offers entity owners the option to choose, at a fee, a preferred UEN from a list of reserved UENs when registering the Limited Partnership.  There are 2 categories available – Tier 1 number at $3,000 and Tier 2 number at $1,000. Those who do not wish to opt for the SUN service will be issued with a free system-generated UEN.

For more information, please visit here.

Free Business Profile

From 2 June 2017, all newly registered LPs will receive a free Business Profile – an electronic report containing business registration information of that entity. Upon successful registration, an email with a URL to download the free Business Profile will be sent to the person who filed the registration. 

For more information, visit here.

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