A Unique Entity Number (UEN) is an identification number that is generated for a business entity, following successful incorporation/registration with ACRA. All business entities need to use the UEN when transacting with government agencies. This UEN is issued free of charge to business entities.

From 9 February 2018, entity owners can choose, at a fee, a preferred UEN from a list of reserved UENs during entity incorporation/registration or conversion. This preferred UEN is known as Special UEN (SUN). Those who do not wish to apply for a SUN will continue to be issued with a free system-generated UEN. SUN enables entity owners to more easily identify with and remember their own UEN when transacting with government agencies.

How to Apply for SUN

Entity owners can apply for SUN at (a) the point of incorporating/registering an entity and (b) conversion to another entity type. The option to select a SUN is available at the payment stage for applicable transactions in BizFile+ (see examples below).

Example: Applying for SUN during incorporation/registration of an entity

SUN screenshot single txn

Example: Applying for SUN during incorporation/registration of multiple entities

SUN screenshot multiple txn

Types of SUN

Entity owners who would like to apply for the SUN service can choose their preferred UENs through two tiers as follows:

Tier 1

  • Fee: S$3,000 per SUN
  • SUN is defined as number with consecutive same number, or any number combination involving the number ‘8’

Tier 2

  • Fee: S$1,000 per SUN
  • SUN is defined as number with repetitive pattern (excluding the number ‘8’), or ending with triple identical number (such as ‘222’, ‘666’, ‘777’)

Examples of SUN under each tier:

Category Criteria Company Business Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Limited Partnership (LP) Public Accounting Firm (PAF)
Tier 1 Consecutive same number 201888888A 53499999V T18LL7777F T18LP2222J T18PF1111P
Any number combination involving ‘8’ 201800800K 53480008L T18LL8000O T18LP0008H T18PF8800X
Tier 2 Repetitive Pattern
(excluding ‘8’)
201812121R 53410101G T18LL7070F T18LP3535J T18PF1010R
Ending with triple identical number 201801777W 53415666P T18LL1222N T18LP5222S T18PF1666M

Note: The underlined parts are prefix and suffix of UEN which are system-generated and cannot be changed.

Applicable BizFile+ Transactions for SUN Service

Incorporation of Entity
Incorporation of Entity Conversion of Entity Type
Incorporation of Local Company
  • Application to Register Person(s) and Business Name
  • Application to Register a New Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Application to Register a New Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Application for Approval of Public Accounting Firm (PAF)
  • Conversion from Public Accounting Corporation to Accounting LLP
  • Conversion from Public Accounting Firm to Accounting LLP
  • Conversion of Business to LLP
  • Conversion of Company to LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to access the list of FAQs on SUN.

Help Resources

Please refer to the following help resources to find out more about SUN.

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