ACRA is responsible for ensuring Singapore remains a transparent and trusted business hub. As part of this effort, we provide channels to the public and the business community to lodge complaints for ACRA to investigate.

Complaints Involving Business Names

ACRA handles complaints about business names that are offensive, not permitted / reserved and also those that are too identical or similar to existing business names.

Commonly, businesses concerned another business name may cause confusion among customers file name complaints to ACRA.

Complaints Involving Statutory Breaches Handled by ACRA

ACRA handles complaints against companies alleged to have breached the following Acts:

Please refer to the list of common offences in Chapter 3.

Complaints Involving Public Accountants

ACRA requires all public accountants to conduct themselves and their professional activities at the highest level of professionalism.

Anyone can file a complaint with the Public Accountants Oversight Committee (PAOC) when they suspect a public accountant or public accounting firm of improper act or dishonourable conduct.

Complaints Involving Corporate Service Providers

ACRA handles complaints against registered Filing Agents (FA) and Qualified Individuals (QI) who are alleged to have breached the following Act:

If you wish to lodge a complaint against a FA or QI, you will have to state in your complaint, the specific term or condition in the above Regulations that is alleged to have been breached. Hence, issues such as alleged over-charging is not a breach of a term or condition that can form the basis for a complaint.   

Other Complaints / Requests for Investigation Not within ACRA’s Purview

ACRA does not deal with complaints / requests for investigation that involve:

  • forgery of signature
  • fraud
  • management of company / LLP / business by disqualified officers
  • internal disputes among directors or shareholders of company

The Police or the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) handles such complaints. When these complaints are lodged with ACRA, they will be forwarded (along with supporting documents) to the Police or CAD.

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