What is a Name Complaint?

A name complaint is an application to the Registrar to direct an entity to change its name registered with ACRA.

A person (“Complainant”) may apply in writing to the Registrar (“name complaint application”) to direct a business or other business entity (“Respondent”) to change its business name if:  

(a) the Respondent’s business name falls under any of the grounds below; 

  • undesirable (E.g. contains expletive);
  • identical to the business name of another company, limited liability partnership, corporation or business (E.g. Wee Trading and Wee International Trading);  
  • of a kind the Minister of Finance has directed the Registrar not to accept (E.g. “Temasek”); 

(b) the Respondent’s business name so nearly resembles Complainant’s business name as to be likely to be mistaken for the Complainant’s business name (E.g. PQRS Confectionary and PQRS Bakery).

Before you write in to the Registrar to submit a name complaint application, please refer to ACRA’s Policy Statement On The Treatment Of Business Names and Name Complaint Applications  (PDF, 242KB) so as to have a better understanding of our approach in dealing with registration of business names and our handling of name complaint applications. 

How to Submit a Name Complaint Application 

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare a written complaint. Clearly state the following details of the entity being complained against:

  • name
  • business registration number
  • address (if available)
  • type of business
  • the basis of the complaint, E.g. explain how the names are similar or confusing
  • evidence of confusion (if any)

Note: Name complaints on the basis that the names are similar must be lodged within 12 months from the date the entity complained against was incorporated/registered.

Step 2: Attach

Attach all relevant supporting documents and a S$200 cheque made payable to ACRA. Relevant supporting documents may include copies of Letters, invoices or emails sent to the wrong entity, correspondence between the complainant and respondent, any evidence of confusion.

Step 3: Submit

Submit the name complaint in writing to:

Legal Services Department   
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority 
10 Anson Road 
#05-01/15 International Plaza 
Singapore 079903

What to Do After Submitting

Wait for a Response

After lodging your complaint with payment, ACRA endeavours to make a decision and take action expeditiously. However, names complaints may be contentious, we may therefore need some time to seek information and legal/factual submissions from the parties involved before making a final decision. However, we will try to keep parties updated every step of the way.

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