Business Profile provides basic entity information such as Unique Entity Number (UEN), entity name, business activities, date of incorporation/registration and also information of position holders or business owners or partners. 

Product samples:

  • Business Profile (Business) [view sample] (PDF, 866KB)]
  • Business Profile (Company)  [view sample] (PDF, 979KB)]
  • Business Profile (Limited Liability Partnership) [view sample] (PDF, 1001KB)]
  • Business Profile (Limited Partnership) [view sample] (PDF, 869KB)]
  • Business Profile (Public Accountant Firm) [view sample] (PDF, 756KB)]

How to buy:

A Business Profile costs $5.50.

To purchase the product:

  • Login at BizFile+ 
  • Go to Buy Information

Upon successful payment, an email on the guide for product download will be sent to you within 15 minutes.

Alternatively, if the purchase is done via Singpass, you can login at ACRA BizFileportal, click on Messages to access the above same email message. 

Download for purchased product will expire 7 days from date of purchase, no further extension can be made. 

Note: A Business Profile is given free to all newly incorporated or registered entities; and businesses that successfully renew their business registration, or file their annual returns / annual declaration. More information on how to get your free Business Profile is available here.

How to verify ACRA’s Business Profiles

From 4 March 2023, customers who purchase Business Profiles will receive 2 formats of the sae document - (a) A PDF (Portable Document Format) file for viewing and (b) an OA (OpenAttestation) file for product verification. To verify these products, customers can choose 1 of the 3 ways below:

1. Scan QR code on the PDF document 
2. Access verification URL on the PDF document 
3. Upload an OA file at ACRA trustBar portal (ACRA's verification service that helps you check if the document you've received is issued by ACRA)

New Certification Feature for Business Profile
ACRA's Business Profiles have been enhanced with a new verification feature (bearing ACRA's stamp and ACRA Assistant Registrar's name and signature) with no change to its purchase fee of $5.50. With this enhancement, customers will no longer need to purchase the information product "Business Profile with Certificate of Production" which costs $16.50. Hence, the "Business Profile with Certificate of Production" will be discontinued from 4 March 2023.

Note: Please use ACRA Product Authentication Facility to verify Business Profiles purchased before 4 March 2023.

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