People Profile is a PDF report that lists the business entities a person is or was involved in.

The key information provided in the People Profile includes businesses registered to the individual, present appointments, and shareholding (in amount) on businesses the person is involved in.

Product sample:

People Profile [view sample] (PDF, 155KB)]

How to buy:

A People Profile costs $33.00.

Important: It is advisable to search for a person using their NRIC / FIN / Passport number for the most accurate result. A search under the person’s name is less desirable as it may generate multiple results if there is more than one person with the same name in our records.

To purchase the product:

  • Login at BizFile+ 
  • Go to Buy Information

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email within 15 minutes, with a download link to access the product.  Alternatively, you can also access the product at the “Messages” section upon successful BizFile+ login.

Please note that the link for the purchased product will expire seven days after purchase.

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