If your foreign company’s head office has changes in the Charter, Statute or Memorandum/Articles, you should submit the supporting documents – notarised, or certified true – to ACRA within 30 days.


The supporting documents to lodge the changes in your head office’s Charter, Statute or Memorandum/Articles must first be certified to be true. This process is also referred to as notarisation.

Notarisation is conducted by a notary public, who will authenticate the relevant documents. Once the notary public is satisfied, you will be provided with a notarial certificate. This will include the notary public’s full name, signature, and seal.

Visit the Singapore Academy of Law’s website for a list of notaries public in Singapore.

To log these changes, visit www.bizfile.gov.sg > File eServices > Foreign Company > Make Changes > Change in the Charter, Statute, Memorandum/Articles or other Instruments of Foreign Company.

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