Below is some information that may be useful for new business owners. Do also review Other Important Information listed in the Before You Start guide.

Free Business Profile

All newly registered business entities will receive a free business profile upon successful registration. This is an electronic report containing details about the new business. You will receive an email with a URL to download the profile after you have successfully registered the business.

Licences and Approvals

Depending on the type of business activity that you are undertaking, you may require licences or approvals from other government agencies. For more information, visit the GoBusiness Licensing portal.

If you do not require further licences or approvals, you can commence business immediately after you have registered with ACRA.

Unique Entity Number

After registration, every new business will be issued a system-generated Unique Entity Number (UEN). The UEN is an identification number that all business entities must use when transacting with government agencies.

Special UEN

ACRA also offers a Special UEN (SUN) service which allows you to reserve a preferred UEN from an approved list by paying a fee. 

Click to find out how you can apply for a Special UEN for your business.

Other useful services for your registered business entity

Click here to find out about the list of value-added services available in BizFile+ for owners of new entities registered with ACRA.

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