ACRA is also required to establish and administer a repository of documents and information relating to Variable Capital Companies (VCCs) that are registered with ACRA, and to provide access to the public such documents and information. 

The information collected allows both the public as well as stakeholders and business users to conduct checks on the background of the VCCs and the people involved. This is crucial in helping to maintain transparency and trust in the business environment, and certainty in business transactions. 

Basic business information on VCC registered in Singapore is available at our Business Directory Search service at VCC Portal

Information that ACRA collects is organised into various information products such as the business profile (VCC) report. These are available at a fee at VCC iShop and are delivered electronically to customer's email upon successful payment. 

Our VCC iShop portal enables businesses and public with VCC business information for business facilitation, marker research or decision making purposes. 

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