Extract (VCC) is a PDF copy of forms with / without attachments filed by VCC with ACRA, such as incorporation of VCC. It can be used to trace an entity's historical records. 

Product samples: 

Extract (VCC) [view sample] (PDF, 88KB)
Extract with Electronic Certification (VCC) [view sample] (PDF, 116KB)

How to buy:

The cost of the extract is as follows:
  • $11.00 - Forms without attachment 
  • $26.00 - Forms with attachment 
  • Additional $1 per page for certification 
The certified document bears an ACRA VCC stamp, an authentication number and is endorsed by the Assistant Registrar of ACRA.  To purchase the product: 

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email within 15 minutes, with a download link to access the product. 

Please note that the link for the purchased product will expire seven days after purchase. 
Please note that e-certification for Extract purchase is an option offered to our customer. 

Authenticity of ACRA's Extract (VCC)

The authenticity of a (VCC) issued by ACRA can be verified free-of-charge. An online product authentication page will display UEN, information of the product type, the date of purchase, and list the names of the entity's officers and positions. 

The online authentication page is accessible by:

  1. Scanning the QR code n the last page of the Extract (by using a QR code reader or download any QR code scanner application on a smartphone); or
  2. Keying in the authentication number and the UEN at VCC iShop's Product Authentication page.
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