No. Certificate Description  Cost per copy
 1 Certificate of Good Standing (VCC)
[view sample] (PDF, 117KB)
This certifies the live status of a variable capital company incorporated / registered in Singapore, and bears the scanned signature of ACRA's Assistant Registrar.   $11.00
 2 Certificate Confirming Incorporation of VCC / Certificate Confirming Registration By Transfer of VCC  

This certifies that a VCC entity is incorporated in Singapore or registered in Singapore, after transferring its registration from another country. 

  • Incorporation of Company [view sample] (PDF, 112KB) 
  • Registration By Transfer  [view sample] (PDF, 112KB) 


 3 Certificate Confirming Registration of Charge (By VCC / Sub-Fund) This certifies that a charge is made after a VCC or its Sub-Fund has registered a charge with ACRA. 

  • By VCC 
  • By Sub-Fund 


 4 Certificate Under Section 20 VCC Act - Confirmation of Incorporation in Accordance with Alteration of Constitution  
[view sample] (PDF, 113KB)
This certificate certifies that the variable capital company is incorporated on accordance with the alteration made to the constitution. 

Note that the company must first lodge the "Notice of Resolution - Alteration of Constitution under S20(4)" before this certificate is available for purchase by VCC. 
The Certificate of Good Standing of a VCC may be purchased by members of the public, subject to availability. 

However, statutory certificates (all other certificates) can only be purchased, on behalf of the entity, by the following:

  • VCC officers
  • Officers of the current VCC Managers or partners of the current VCC Auditor 
  • Authorised corporate service providers 
  • Group secretary 

How to buy:

To purchase the product:
Upon successful payment, you will receive an email within 15 minutes, with a link to download the Certificate. 

Please note that the link for the purchased product will expire seven days after purchase. 

Authenticity of ACRA's Certificate (VCC) 

The authenticity of a Certificate (VCC) issued by ACRA can be verified free-of-charge. An online product authentication page will display UEN, information of the product type and the date of purchase. 

The online authentication page is accessible by: 

  1. Scanning the QR code on the last page of the Certificate (by using a QR code reader or download any QR code scanner application on a smartphone); or 
  2. Keying in the authentication number and the UEN at VCC iShop's Product Authentication page
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