User Guides on the BizFinx Preparation Tool

The Quick Guide is a brief version of the User Guide below. It allows users to have a quick start on the preparation tool. (Updated in May 2019)

This guide contains detailed explanations on the various functions in the preparation tool. It also includes a guide on converting embedded MS Excel objects in MS Word document into MS Word tabular format. (Updated in May 2019)

This guide contains steps which preparers may take to resolve technical issues faced in using the preparation tool.

A list of common questions when using preparation tool.

User Guides on the BizFinx Portal (

User Guides on the BizFinx Multi Upload Tool

Guides on Preparing Financial Statements Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

Guides on XBRL filing requirements and ACRA Taxonomy

Contains the ACRA Taxonomy 2016 and minimum requirement list to help preparers better understand how to submit information for the various concepts

A list of suggested synonyms for the concepts within the taxonomy to facilitate preparers in mapping items in the financial statements with the taxonomy concepts

Seminar materials from BizFinx training seminars

Training Courses on Using BizFinx Preparation Tool

If you are keen to equip yourself with working knowledge and hands-on training on the preparation tool, you can register for training courses with the following providers. Contact them directly or refer to their website to check for available dates and other details.

Training Providers   Enquiry Contact Website

The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ISCA)  

Phone: 6749 8060

Click here to see the list of available training courses

Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore (CSIS)

Phone: 6334 4302

Click here to see the list of available training courses

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