The following are some of the most common errors when filing financial statements in XBRL format. To make your filing prompt and seamless, please be mindful of these errors.

AGM financial statements do not match text block data in XBRL format

Ensure that the content of the text block, under “Disclosure of complete set of financial statements” is legible and identical to the content of your AGM financial statements.

To insert the complete set of financial statements, double click on the text block cell to open the text editor, then copy and paste the full set of financial statements from the imported source document into the text block.

If the source document contains embedded excel objects, you may use the “Embedded Excel Conversion Utility” that is installed together with the BizFinx preparation tool to generate a set of financial statements with properly structured tables for use in the preparation tool. Refer to Quick Guide for Preptool (PDF, 1.8MB) for more information on this utility.

Data in XBRL financial statements does not match AGM financial statements

The XBRL data must match the content of your AGM financial statements. Errors most commonly arise from:

  • Level of rounding (thousands, millions, etc.)
  • Currency indicators (USD, SGD, etc.)
  • Presentation format (e.g. type of income statement - by function/nature)
  • Net cash flows is not completed
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS) not provided in dollars per share
  • Profit (loss) from discontinued operations (when using financial statement highlights)
  • Type of accounting standard used to prepare financial statements (SFRS, SFRS for SE etc)
  • Disclosing $0 in prior year group column when company is preparing consolidated financial statements for the first time and prior year group level figures are not presented in the AGM financial statements.

Incomplete XBRL data

Ensure that you have completed all the templates mentioned in the minimum requirement list. Only leave fields blank if they are not applicable to your company. The most common incomplete fields include:

  • Property, plant, and equipment
  • Trade and other receivables
  • Share capital
  • Employee benefits expense
  • Name of parent entity or group

Incorrect mapping to XBRL financial statements

Use a “best-fit” principle when matching items to the taxonomy. Only classify unique items, which cannot be mapped to any concept in the taxonomy, under “others”.

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