Learning and Development Philosophy

At ACRA, we believe that every officer is a talent with unique strength and capabilities. By developing and growing our officers to their potential, our officers can work with passion and urgency to achieve the goals of ACRA.

At the foundation level, all officers will go through an induction programme to gain a better understanding of the organisation and what each department does. Officers are also required to attend core courses to gain insights to the public sector. On top of these, officers will have the opportunity to attend various technical and soft skill courses that are in line with their work.

Work Attachment Programme

ACRA is committed to developing our officers through providing varied learning opportunities and experiences. Hence, as part of officers' learning journey, our officers may engage other public agencies or external organisations to explore work attachments opportunities that will add value to their work and to ACRA as a whole.

Through the work attachment programme, officers will gain new knowledge and experiences and best practices from leading agencies and external organisations.

Sponsorship Programme

In line with our learning and development philosophy, we have in place a Sponsorship Programme that allows our officers to:

  • Upgrade themselves
  • Widen and deepen areas of expertise
  • Enhance capabilities of our officers
  • Strengthen officers' bandwidth to deal with changes and new challenges

The Sponsorship Programme is available to outstanding officers who wish to acquire further qualifications and skills. Officers can take up courses leading to formal qualification and/or certification accredited by a recognised professional body i.e. ISCA, ISS, SHRI, IPRS, or the local Polytechnics. 

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