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ACRA has launched a new verification service to give added assurance to businesses and the public using ACRA's Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) when conducting business and making business decisions. 

Over 75,000 Business Profiles and Business certificates (Incorporation/Registration) are issued by ACRA each month. They are used for various business-related activities where verification of key information on the business and the people involved are needed.

Giving assurance on the authenticity of ACRA's Business Profiles and Business Certificates
ACRA's trustBar verification service enables quick and easy verification of the authenticity of ACRA's Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration). 

The service leverages the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech)'s OpenAttestation (OA) - an open-source framework for the endorsement and verification of documents.

New Certification Feature for Business Profile
ACRA's Business Profiles have also been enhanced with a new certification feature (bearing ACRA’s stamp and ACRA Assistant Registrar’s name and signature) with no change to its purchase fee of $5.50.  With this enhancement, customers will no longer need to purchase the information product “Business Profile with Certificate of Production” which costs $16.50. Hence, the “Business Profile with Certificate of Production” will be discontinued from 4 March 2023.

Verification API Service for mass verification purposes
A verification API service will also be offered through the ACRA APIMall portal for software developers to integrate the API into their existing processes, enabling machine to machine workflows for seamless mass verification purposes.

How trustBar works

From 4 March 2023, each Business Profile and Business Certificate (Incorporation/Registration) issued by ACRA will come in two formats –  a Portable Document Format (PDF) file for viewing and an OA file for product verification. Customers can verify the authenticity of the business profile or business certificate in the trustBar portal using one of the following methods:

Verification Method 1
Scan the QR code located at the lower right-hand corner of the PDF document. This will direct you to the verification result in the trustBar portal. 
Verify - Scan QR
Verification Method 2
Enter the verification URL found in the PDF document into an internet browser to access the verification result in the trustBar portal.
 Verify - Access URL
Verification Method 3
Upload the OA file at the ACRA trustBar portal to view the verification result.
Verify - Upload OA

Verification of the PDF document
If the document is verified to be issued by ACRA, the results will show a green tick; and if the document is not issued by ACRA, the results will show a red cross.

For verification results showing a green tick, the entire Business Profile or Business Certificate will be displayed on screen. Customers can check if the PDF document has been altered by comparing it against the PDF document on the screen. Alternatively, they can request for the OA file from the document sender.

Results - Authentic Results - Not issued by ACRA 

Print Verification Results
Customers can print a copy of the business profile or business certificate, which contains the trustBar watermark, verification date and time as confirmation that documents have been verified through trustBar. 

Print - authentic

Other Verification Portals 
Customers can also verify the OA files of the Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) at the following government verification portals: 

Trade Trust  

Next Phase of Implementation

ACRA will gradually extend this verification capability to the rest of the business information products (such as other certificates and registers) issued by ACRA. 

New currency feature for Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) 

From 8 Dec 2023, you can check if the information found in Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) is up to date.

For more information, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the list of FAQs on ACRA's trustBar verification service.  

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