ACRA launched trustBar verification service on 4 March 2023 to give added assurance to businesses and the public using ACRA's Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation / Registration) when conducting business and making business decisions. 

New currency feature for Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration)

From 8 December 2023, you can check if the information found in Business Certificates (Incorporation / Registration) is up to date.

This allows you to make informed business decisions as you can check the currency of the information in the document. In addition, you can also enjoy cost savings as repurchasing the Certificate is not necessary if the information in the document is up to date.

Please note that currency feature is currently not available for Business Profiles.

How it works

You may select one of the verification methods available on trustBar.

Verification result

If the document is verified to be issued by ACRA and the information is up to date, the result would show a green tick; and if the information is verified to be issued by ACRA and some information in the document is not up to date, the result will show an amber warning sign.

Results - up to date
Information up to date
Results - Not up to date
Information not up to date

For verification results showing an amber warning sign, you have the option to repurchase the latest version of the certificate from bizfile

Transactions impacting currency for Business Certificates (Incorporation / Registration)

Please see attached document for the list of transactions (PDF, 119KB).

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