CPD Journey for CVA Charter Holders

CVA Charter holders are required to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per year to renew their CVA certification annually. 

CPD Requirements 

CVA Charter holders are required to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours of CPD per year, with 10 CPD hours related to Core Valuation Practice Areas, using the CPD Framework.

CPD Framework

Class-based or e-learning courses 

A minimum of 10 hours must be spent attending class-based or e-learning courses (internal and external) and forums such as seminars and conferences.

The remaining 10 hours could be spent in conducting instruction, leadership initiatives or research. Examples of these are: 

Instruction: Teaching, speaking at conferences, and participating in panel discussions   
Leadership: Serving on industry committees and work groups
Research: Publishing case studies and research findings 


Core Valuation Practice Areas

A minimum of 10 CPD hours must be spent in any of the following Core Valuation Practice Areas:

  • Provision of value conclusions
  • Quantification of economic losses in the context of financial litigation support
  • Investment analysis and investment management
  • Business brokering (e.g. pricing, negotiation, reviewing of bids and proposals)
  • Corporate finance advisory (e.g. pricing, negotiation, and structuring)

CPD Declaration

CVA Charter holders must declare their CPD compliance status, alongside the payment of the annual certification fee, for the annual renewal of CVA certification. Submit your CPD records for the period, 1 April – 31 March using the Certification Renewal Form.

CPD Audit 

IVAS conducts a random sampling audit of CPD fulfilment annually. 

Auditing Process:

  1. If you are selected for CPD audit, you will be notified via email by March each year.
  2. Submit the required supporting documents or evidence of participation to support your CPD records submission.
  3. You will be notified of the audit outcome.

CPD Extension

CVA Charter holders may request for an extension to comply with the CPD requirements under exceptional circumstances that have made it difficult to meet the CPD requirements. These include: 

  • Long term or critical medical conditions
  • Unemployment due to career break
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave 

Submit your request by end February to ivas@acra.gov.sg.

The grant of extension is subject to IVAS’ approval. 

Non-Fulfilment of CPD Requirements

CVA Charter holders have two financial years to fulfil forty CPD hours and any additional outstanding CPD hours.

Should CVA Charter holders not fulfil the required CPD hours after two financial years, IVAS will further advise you on the next course of action. 

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