ACRA has released version 3.4 of the BizFinx Preparation Tool (Preptool) and Multi-Upload Tool (MUT). Companies can prepare, validate and upload their financial statements in XBRL format using these latest versions from 1 October 2022 and must do so from 1 December 2022Download BizFinx Preparation Tool here.

The updated Preptool and MUT include the following improvements:

  • Some exceptions from validation rules have been re-categorised from genuine error to possible error. This will allow companies to file without applying for business rule exemption once they have confirmed that it is not an error. For example, while it is uncommon, non-dormant companies can indicate its revenue to be zero. Hence, Rule Misc_212 has been re-categorised from genuine error to possible error.     
  • Guidance notes have been improved to show the linkage between primary statements and notes for some data elements to facilitate reconciliation, such as revenue and notes to revenue. Error messages have also been amended to state clearly how filers can check and correct their filings.       
  • To combat increasing cybersecurity threats, filers using older Office versions with no security support from Microsoft (i.e. Windows 7 and before) will not be able to operate the Preptool. Please refer to official website from Microsoft for the complete list of affected versions. 32-bit machines will no longer be supported as well. 

If you have installed an older version of Preptool / MUT in your computer, you can update the software as follows:

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet;
  2. Launch the BizFinx preparation tool. The message “Update for BizFinx preparation tool is available” will be displayed;
  3. Click “Ok” and the website link will be displayed; and
  4. Click “Download” to install the latest versions of the tools.

To facilitate your transition, all Excel / files prepared using an older version of Preptool / MUT can be opened and edited in the latest version without any loss of data.

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