Course Objectives

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a good understanding on the concept and features of a company,
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of key players in the business,
  • Understand the classes of shares and the laws governing it,
  • Identify statutory provisions on AGM, Annual Return and Financial Reporting, and
  • Perform filing of common Bizfile+ transactions with confidence and ease .

Course Details

Module 1

  1. Understanding Business Entities in Singapore
    • Types and characteristics of business entities
    • Selecting the appropriate type of business entity
    • Business name search
    • Registered office address
    • Home office schemes
    • Constitution
    • Salient statutory obligations
    • Roles of partners vs local managers
    • Partnership agreement
    • LLP
  2. Pre-incorporation, Incorporation & Post-incorporation matters 
    • Additional approvals and licenses
    • Publication of names, annual renewal
    • Medisave and costs
    • First Board resolutions
    • Creation of statutory registers
    • Issuance of share certificate(s)
    • Fixing financial year end
    • Appointment of Secretary, Tax Agent, and Auditors
    • Opening of bank account
    • GST registration

Module 2

  1. Directors
    • Definition of a Director
    • Appointment, Role, Power, Duties & Liabilities
    • Resignation & Retirement
    • Re‐election
    • Removal
    • Declaration of interests
  2. Company Secretary
    • Definition of a Company Secretary
    • Qualification, role, power, duties & liabilities of Appointment, Resignation & Removal
  3. Auditors
    • Definition of an Auditor
    • Appointment, Resignation & Removal

Module 3

  1. Shares – Allotment / Transfers
    • Different classes of shares
    • Share value
    • Procedure of allotment of shares
    • Register of Members
    • Register of Application and Allotment
    • Laws governing the transfer of shares
    • Transfer form,
    • Restriction on transfer of shares
    • Procedure of a simple transfer
    • Pre‐emption provisions
    • Stamp duty payable

Module 4

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Return (AR)
    • Statutory provisions regulating AGM
    • General business of an AGM
    • Special business
    • Meeting procedures
    • Meeting – Notice, Quorum, Chairman, Proxy
    • Drafting the AGM minutes
    • Drafting of simple resolutions

Module 5

  1. Financial Reporting – Financial Statements
    • Overview of filing of Annual Return with/without XBRL
    • Requirements to prepare financial statements & its contents, dividends matter, audit exemption.

Module 6

  1. Practical guide session – Bizfile+ transactions
    • A virtual guidance on how to file the common Bizfile+ transactions for business entities, and how to navigate the Bizfile+ Dashboard and iShop.

Course Fees and CPE hours


Course Fees: $759.70 [Inclusive of Registration Fee ($10.70) and 7% GST]

CPE: 18 hours

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