31 Oct 2023 

1.          Public accountants who wish to renew their certificate of registration for 2024 (2024 PA renewal) are to submit their applications for renewal via BizFile+ from 1 December 2023. 

Renewal Criteria 

2.          Public accountants must satisfy all criteria for renewal before their registration can be renewed. This includes compliance with the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements, orders of the Public Accountants Oversight Committee (PAOC) and payment of amounts outstanding to ACRA.  For more details on the requirements for renewal, please click here

CPE Requirements

3.          Public accountants are required to obtain (a) at least 120 CPE hours in each 3-year rolling period, of which at least 90 hours must be in structured learning and (b) at least 20 of the 90 hours in structured learning must be acquired in each calendar year. The relevant 3-year rolling period for 2024 PA renewal is from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023 and is only applicable for public accountants who are registered before 2022. 

4.          ACRA conducts sample checks on the public accountants’ compliance with the CPE requirements.  Enforcement actions will be taken against public accountants who provide false or misleading CPE information in their renewal and these include disallowing the renewal of registration or disciplinary action.

Application for Exemption from CPE Requirements 

5.          Public accountants who are unable to meet the CPE requirements may apply for an exemption from the requirements, which is subject to the approval of PAOC.  Public accountants should submit the application for exemption from the CPE requirements before renewing their certificate of registration.  If the application for exemption is rejected, the public accountant will have to cease practising as a public accountant after his certificate of registration expires on 31 December 2023.  

6.          For more details on the CPE requirements and the process for application for exemption from the CPE requirements, please click here.

 Renewal Fee 

7.          The fees payable for 2024 PA Renewal are as follows: 

a.          A fixed sum of $600; and

b.          A variable sum as set out in the table below: 

 Number of listed corporations audited by the accounting entity from 1 January to 31 December 2023  Fees payable by the public accountant in respect of each accounting entity in which he is practising as at 1 January 2024
0  $150
 1-10  $250
 11-100  $650
>200  $1,050

Important Timeline 

8.          The timelines for the 2024 PA renewal are as follows: 

 Date  Activity
 1 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2023  Public accountants to submit renewal applications via BizFile+
 1 Jan 2024 to 31 Jan 2024  Public accountants who fail to file the renewal applications by 31 Dec 2023 may apply for extension of time via BizFile+ and submit their renewal applications in the same transaction.
 1 Feb 2024 Public accountants who fail to file their renewal applications by 31 Jan 2024 will be notified of the removal of their names and particulars from the Register of Public Accountants (Register). 
 1 Feb 2024 to 21 Feb 2024 Public accountants whose names and particulars have been removed from the Register may apply via BizFile+ to be reinstated to the Register.   

Important Note 

9.          When submitting the application for renewal, public accountants should avoid launching multiple login windows or tabs concurrently in BizFile+ to prevent any conflict in the transactions that they are submitting through the BizFile+ portal. 

10.          If you require further clarification, please send your enquiries through our feedback form.

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