15 Sep 2020

We thank our BizFile+ users for their patience and understanding in the past one week while we are working urgently to resolve the system slowness and intermittent disruption issues*. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience users may have experienced.

As we expect the traffic to the portal to continue to be high and there may still be intermittent issues, we seek the understanding of BizFile+ users if the response time does not meet their expectations.  We urge users to avoid accessing the system during peak hours. Please be assured that we have committed all necessary resources to resolve the issues expeditiously. 

We understand that business entities and Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) are concerned with not being able to file annual returns and other transactions in the past week and may have missed the deadlines for doing so.

We have notified the key professional bodies that we work with, and will be providing the following reliefs to affected business entitles and CSPs:   

(i) Business entities that have annual statutory filings such as Annual Returns with due dates from 8 Sep 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 will have up to 30 Nov 2020 to file, with no late filing penalties imposed.

(ii) For all other ad hoc statutory filings such as change in company information and personal particulars of company officers etc with due dates from 8 Sep 2020 onwards will have up to 30 Nov 2020 to file, with no late filing penalties imposed.

(iii) The “Update Register of Registrable Controllers (RORC)" transaction in BizFile+ will continue to be suspended until Dec 2020. The deadline for Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships to file Register of Registrable Controllers information with ACRA would be extended to 31 Mar 2021.

BizFile+ users who need to file select time-sensitive and critical transactions can contact the ACRA helpdesk at 6248 6028 for assistance. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.


* The database optimiser (a built-in function in database software that determines the most efficient method to access data in a system) did not work as intended, resulting in slowness in the processing of filing transactions. Our IT team, together with our IT vendors and the product vendors, had since resolved the issue. The system had resumed normal operation on 15 Sep 2020. 

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