1.         ACRA had brought a total of 1,104 charges against Data Register Pte Ltd (previously known as “Company Register Pte Ltd”) in 2014/15 for issuing business correspondences in October and November 2013 which did not state its company name and registration number in breach of section 144(1)(b) and section 144(1)(A) of the Companies Act (“the 2013 correspondences”). These charges are now before the State Courts. Since November 2013, ACRA has issued media releases and public announcements to inform the public on this matter and explained that the purpose of section 144 is to ensure that members of public are aware of the identity of the corporate entity that issued the letter in question. Members of the public were also urged to conduct a free search on ACRA’s online business directory to check information such as the name, registration number, address and status of any company registered with ACRA.

2.         Data Register Pte Ltd will send a letter to subscribers who responded to their 2013 correspondence, to offer them the opportunity to terminate their accounts. In its letter to subscribers, Data Register Pte Ltd will inform the subscribers that during a 10 working day period from 29 February 2016 to 11 March 2016. The subscribers can terminate their account with Data Register Pte Ltd via its website.

3.         Alternatively, the subscribers may visit Data Register Pte Ltd’s office located at 10 Ubi Crescent, #03-29 Ubi Techpark Lobby B, Singapore 408564 from Monday to Friday (between 9 am to 12 pm and between 2 pm to 5 pm) during the above 10 working day period to unsubscribe from its service using its computer terminals.

4.         Subscribers who terminate their accounts during the 10 working day period by using either of the above methods will:

        a) receive a refund of any subscription fee that they have already paid to Data Register Pte Ltd if they have not used credits or services offered through Data Register’s website;


        b) a waiver of any existing obligations to pay outstanding subscription fees that the Subscriber has not paid.

Subscribers who have utilised the services of Data Register Pte Ltd will not be eligible for a refund of any subscription fee that they have already paid to Data Register Pte Ltd.

5.         Details of the above methods to terminate accounts will be in the letter from Data Register Pte Ltd. Data Register Pte Ltd have indicated that it will be the final such offer made by them.

6.         Data Register Pte Ltd has indicated that the subscribers who are eligible for refunds will receive refunds through an electronic fund transfer or a cashier’s order. For electronic fund transfers, the subscribers are required to provide their bank account details at Data Register Pte Ltd’s website at the time of termination.

7.         ACRA strongly urges all of subscribers that had subscribed to Data Register Pte Ltd’s services pursuant to the 2013 correspondences to respond to Data Register Pte Ltd’s offer if they now wish to terminate their account.

For queries relating to the offer letter and account termination process, please contact Data Register Pte Ltd directly at Tel: +65 3158 2647.

Download the public announcement (PDF, 178KB) for more information.

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