1. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is seeking comments on the consultation document “The Registration Framework for Public Accountants – Path to becoming a Public Accountant”.
  2. This consultation exercise invites views from the public accountancy profession and key stakeholders in the corporate reporting landscape on the current registration framework for public accountants and other matters which are of relevance and significance to the regulatory framework for the profession.

Scope of the Consultation Exercise

  1. The document invites comments on the following areas:

    • Facilitating the entry of international auditors, former public accountants and mid-career entrants into the audit profession;
    • Exploring alternative pathways for becoming a public accountant;
    • Regulating “associated persons” in the audit process who contribute significantly to the formation of the audit opinion expressed by the audit engagement partner; and
    • The current registration framework and its elements, including the following:
      • Qualifications;
      • Practical Experience;
      • Continuing Professional Education;
      • Ethics & Professional Practice Subjects as determined by the Public Accountants Oversight Committee; and
      • Membership with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.


  1. ACRA invites views on the specific questions posed in the document as well as views on any other matters relevant to the consultation exercise. To facilitate a mutually beneficial feedback process, ACRA would appreciate it if you could provide some background insights leading to your views and suggestions. In facilitating a productive and focused consultation process, respondents are encouraged to:

    • Indicate your name as well as the organisation you represent (if any);
    • Make a conscious attempt to phrase your comments in a clear and concise fashion; and
    • Focus on the specific consultation points set out in the document.

Period of Consultation

  1. The consultation document is available for public consultation from 24 July 2007 to 24 September 2007.

Feedback Channel

  1. Please send us your comments via our Feedback Form.

Summary of Response

  1. As we will be publishing on ACRA’s website a summary of all comments received, we would like to highlight that all comments will be regarded as being on the public record unless request for confidentiality is expressly indicated in your feedback.

Consultation Document

  1. For your convenience, the relevant document (WORD, 178KB) relating to this consultation exercise can be downloaded for further reference
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