Name of Transaction  Statutory Filing Fees 
 Application for VCC Name $15 
 Application for Incorporation of VCC  S$8,000
 Application of Transfer of Registration  $9,000 + S$400 (Sub-Fund registration fee) x No. of sub-funds
 Registration of Sub-Fund $400
 General Lodgement $0 
 - Change in VCC/sub-fund name  $15 
 - Change in VCC Type

- Change in registered office address

- Change in address where register of members and index is kept

- Change in office hours

- Change in user-described activity description

- Alteration of constitution under Section 20 (5) of VCC Act

 Registration of Charge by VCC/Sub-fund $60 
 VCC Information Products:  
 - Business Profile $5.50 
 - Certificate Confirming Incorporation of VCC $50 
 - Certificate Confirming Registration By Transfer of VCC  $0
 - Extract (Form)  $11
 - Extract (Form with Attachments)  $26
 - Certification For Extract  $1/page
 - Register of Directors  $20
 - Register of Secretaries  $20
 - Register of Managers  $20
 - Register of Auditors  $20
 - Certification For Register  $1/page
 Annual Return  $1,600
Extension of Time for submitting document evidencing that foreign corporate entity has been de-registered in its place of incorporation  $200
 Notice of Error for VCC/Sub-fund:
- Clerical/typographical errors/others
- Notification of revised financial statements

 Extension of time for Annual Return/Annual General Meeting  $200
 Application for relief from requirements for Financial Statements and Directors' Statement  $200
 Application for exemption from compliance with the Accounting Standards  $200
 Direction to VCC to change name under Section 21(6) of the VCC Act  $200

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