A list of fees applicable for transactions relating to company.

No.  Company Transaction Fee
  1 Name application $15
  2 Registration fee $300
  3 Annual filing $60
  4 Conversion within Company types $40
  5 Lodgment of Notice of Error (NOE) $60
  6 Registration of particulars relating to charges $60
  7 Registration for amalgamation $400 (separate company registration fee of $300 applies where the amalgamated company is a new company)
  8 Application for Extension of Time (EOT) to file accounts or to hold Annual General Meeting (AGM) $200
  9 Other applications (see below) $200
  • Application for exemptions from Singapore Financial Reporting Standards requirements
  • Application for waiver to lodge annual filing of forms and documents relating to the operations of a foreign company in Singapore
  • Application for relief from requirements as to form and content of accounts and reports
  • Application for license to hold land under S23(2)
  • Application for omission of the word “Limited” or Berhad”
  • Application to the Registrar to direct a change of name
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