A person who wishes to be registered as a Qualified Individual (QI) must submit an online application form in the electronic transaction system BizFile+, which include making a declaration that he meets the “fit and proper” requirements to be registered.

Similarly, a registered QI who wishes to renew his/her registration must also submit an online renewal application form with ACRA, not earlier than 60 days before the registration expiry date.

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Steps to register and renew registration as a QI:

    1. log in to www.bizfile.gov.sg using your SingPass ID;
    2. once logged in, choose ‘Individual’ profile;
    3. from the top hover bar, choose “Explore eServices”;
    4. next, choose “Corporate Service Providers”;
    5. then, at the next screen, select the following transaction where applicable:
    6. For NEW application - “Application to register as a Qualified Individual” or
    7. For RENEWAL application - “Renewal of Qualified Individual”;
  2. go through the instructions for the application carefully, complete and submit the form; and
  3. pay a non-refundable application fee of $100 for a 1 year registration period or $200 for a 2 year registration period.

Each registration or renewal of registration will be valid for a period of 1 year or 2 years.

What happens if a QI fails to renew his/her registration?

If a QI fails to renew,  his/her QI status will be updated to 'Registration expired and has not been renewed' and the QI will not be allowed to file transactions on behalf of his/her clients with ACRA. However, a QI will have up to 60 calendar days from the date of expiry to renew his/her registration. If the QI did not renew his/her registration during this period, the QI application will be cancelled and a fresh application for registration (including application fee) will be required if he/she wishes to be registered as a QI again.

What happens after a person’s application for registration or renewal as a QI has been approved by ACRA?

The registered QI will need to be appointed, employed or engaged by a registered Filing Agent (FA), or he/she must be a registered FA, if he/she wishes to carry out transactions using the electronic transaction system.

What happens when a QI is appointed by a FA?

The QI will be required to endorse his/her appointment within 14 days after being appointed by the FA. In the case of application or renewal of FA, payment of registration or renewal fee can only be made after the endorsement by QI(s). 

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