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From 4 March 2023, customers purchasing ACRA's information products will need to download the products from the ACRA iShop homepage (i.e. Product Download Module), by entering the receipt number and the delivery email address provided. Currently, customers download their purchased information products by clicking on a link sent to their email addresses. As a deterrent measure to counter phishing scams, download links will be removed from emails sent by ACRA from 4 March 2023. 

For more information on how to download the information products, please refer to the following step-by-step guide (PDF, 325 KB) or watch the following video:

New features have been introduced to our Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) information products to enable customers to verify the authenticity of these products.

Customers who are eligible to receive a free business profile upon successful registration/incorporation as well as filing of their annual returns, annual declarations or renewal of business registration, can retrieve the receipt number from their personal dashboard (i.e. message widget) in BizFile+ and proceed to download the free business profile from the ACRA iShop homepage.

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