Effective 13 May 2022, our BizFile+ homepage and some of our eServices have been enhanced to better meet our customers’ needs.

1. New Look for BizFile+ Homepage

The new BizFile+ homepage now sport a cleaner layout to allow users to find information faster. Incorporating feedback from our stakeholder engagement sessions, the page has been redesigned for easier user navigation and access to frequently used eServices.

Check out the new look for BizFile + Homepage (PDF, 546KB) 

2. Enhanced eService for Change in Personal Particulars of Officers

The eForm for Change in Personal Particulars is the latest to be pre-filled with key bio-data of NRIC and some FIN holders, obtained from relevant government agencies. Users will be able to zoom in on the selected particulars which need updating with ease.

More info on the enhanced eService for Change in Personal Particular of Officers (PDF, 127KB) 

3. New My Profile Page under BizFile+ Dashboard

The new My Profile page under the BizFile+ dashboard will allow users a quick view of their bio-data (e.g. nationality, residential address) and a quicker alternative to update their email address and mobile number.

Find out more about New My Profile Page (PDF, 300KB) 

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