Existing Approved Liquidators who are appointed as liquidators for any winding up cases commenced under the Companies Act or Limited Liability Partnership Act which have yet to be completed before 30 Jul 2020 will be allowed to continue as Approved Liquidators until the conclusion of these cases.  These approved liquidators would be able to take on winding up cases in relation to Variable Capital Companies and its sub funds (VCC) during the interim period until the VCC Act has been updated to allow Insolvency Practitioners to undertake such work.  Please refer to the "List of approved liquidators under section 9(1) of the Companies Act vide G.N 638/2020".  These Approved Liquidators need not renew their existing Approved Liquidator licence upon its expiry.  Unless the appointment as Approved Liquidators is cancelled voluntarily or revoked by ACRA on grounds such as bankruptcy etc, the Approved Liquidator licence will remain valid until completion of the case.  Thereafter, the Approved Liquidator licence will lapse.

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