Your business registration is valid for a period of one or three years. If you intend to carry on business, you must renew the registration before the expiry date.

Any of the business owners with a valid CorpPass account can renew their registration at BizFile+. [Bizfile> eServices> Business (Sole-proprietorship/Partnership)> Renew a Business]

Your business registration can be renewed 60 days before the expiry date. The renewal fee is $30 for one year or $90 for three years. The three-year renewal option is available if:

  • You have fully paid up your Medisave with the CPF Board, or
  • You are on a regular instalment plan (e.g. GIRO) to contribute to Medisave, and have a good record of Medisave contributions i.e. prompt Medisave contributions for up to 24 months prior to renewing the business registration, or
  • You have never been registered with CPF Board as a self-employed person
Existing business owners are encouraged to keep their Medisave contributions up-to-date. Otherwise, the business may be subjected to early cancellation.

Note: It is an offence to operate a business after the business registration has expired.

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