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Filing Financial Statements

Filing requirements, checklists, tools and other details on filing company financial statements in XBRL.

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Help Resources

(a) Training 

Training Seminars

The half-day training seminars, which are free-of-charge, cover several topics including the revised XBRL filing requirements and preparing and filing XBRL financial statements under the new BizFinx system, including the various features and functions of the BizFinx preparation tool.

Check back on this page for regular updates on the confirmed seminar schedules as well as details on how to sign up; or subscribe to the ACRA News Alert to receive regular updates.

Video recordings (provided below under the section of Useful Guides) of one of the past BizFinx training seminars are also available for viewing. 

Hands-On Training Courses 

If you are keen to equip yourself with working knowledge and hands-on training on the preparation tool, you can register for the intensive one-day training course.

To check for available training dates and other details, please contact the training provider or refer to their website:  

Training Providers   Enquiry Contact Website
The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ISCA)  

Phone: 6749 8060


Click here
Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore (CSIS)

Phone: 6334 4302


Click here

Phasing out of BizFinx Training Course Subsidies

Since 2013, ACRA has, in collaboration with our professional partners, provided training courses to help companies prepare their financials in full XBRL format at a heavily subsidized rate. Over 5,000 participants have attended these courses to-date. With the demand for such courses declining, these training subsidies has been phased out by 31 December 2016.

(b) Useful Guides

Preparers may also refer to the following guides:

  Documents Description

Revised XBRL filing requirements

Guide for Preparers (PDF, 951KB)

A comprehensive guide for preparers on preparing financial statements in accordance with the revised XBRL filing requirements

(updated in March 2017)

Appendix A – ACRA Taxonomy 2016 (Excel, 2.09MB)  

A human readable representation of ACRA Taxonomy 2016 and minimum requirement list to help preparers better understand how to submit information for the various concepts

(updated in March 2017)

Appendix B – List of Business Rules (Excel, 35.6KB) 

A list of validation rules which ACRA will be checking within the XBRL file

(updated in March 2017)

Appendix C - List of Synonyms (Excel, 414KB) 

A list of suggested synonyms for the concepts within the taxonomy to facilitate preparers in mapping items in the financial statements with the taxonomy concepts

Guide to Financial Statements Highlights (PDF, 936KB)

Appendix A to Financial Statements Highlights (Excel, 40.3KB)

This guide provides information on preparing and filing financial statements highlights for companies.

(updated in March 2017)

BizFinx Preparation Tool

User Guide for BizFin x Preparation Tool and Conversion Utility (PDF, 5.04MB)

This guide will provide detailed explanation on the functions of the preparation tool and provides guidance for users who would like to learn more about the tool, including a guide on the conversion embedded MS Excel objects in MS Word document into MS Word tabular format.

 (updated in March 2017)

Quick Guide for BizFin x Preparation Tool (PDF, 2.54MB)

The Quick Guide is a brief version of the User Guide, which allows users to have a quick start on the preparation tool.

(updated in March 2017)

Video Guide for BizFinx Preparation Tool

The Video Guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the key functions of the preparation tool. Click on the links below to view the video clips:

Technical Issues

This guide contains steps which preparers may take to resolve technical issues faced in using the preparation tool.

Technical Issue Form (Word, 44.9KB)

Users can use this form to report any technical issues on the installation or functionality of the preparation tool.

(updated in May 2016)

BizFinx Portal

User Guide for BizFin x Portal (PDF, 3.53MB)

This guide provides detailed explanation on the functions available in the portal.

(updated in March 2017)


Taxonomy Files for ACRA Taxonomy 2016

This contains the actual ACRA Taxonomy 2016 files that software tools will use. Click on the links below to download the taxonomy files:

Sample XBRL Instance (ZIP, 109KB)

This is a sample XBRL file submitted by a company filing a full set of financial statements in XBRL using the Minimum Requirement List in ACRA Taxonomy 2016.

ACRA Taxonomy 2016 in Excel Format

This provides a listing of taxonomy elements within the entry points within ACRA Taxonomy 2013 and the associated references for each element. Click on the links below to download the files:

Taxonomy Architecture Guide (PDF, 2.01MB)

This guide provides a technical introduction of ACRA Taxonomy 2016 that is useful for XBRL-related software providers.


Seminar Outline and Presentation Slides for BizFinx Training Seminar 

Click on the links below to view the various seminar materials: 

Video Recordings of BizFinx Training Seminar

Click on the links below to view the various seminar segments:

FAQs (PDF, 1.18MB)

This contains a list of FAQs that relates to the revised XBRL filing requirements, BizFinx preparation tool and BizFinx portal.

Users can also refer to a list of commonly asked questions when preparing XBRL financial statements here

(updated on March 2017)

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