ACRA has made available real-time business information via API services on our API Mall for businesses and software developers to create innovative digital solutions that suit their business needs.

Access to a Wealth of Business Information

As the national corporate registry, ACRA collects vast amounts of business data from close to half a million corporate entities that are registered with ACRA and file key corporate information with ACRA as required by law.

These Application Programming Interface (APIs) services are part of ACRA’s on-going efforts to better meet the needs of the business community.

Possible business applications include populating information on business entities for online application forms; or integrating business information to their systems to enable a seamless process flow.

List of Available APIs (Application Programming Interface)

A total of 34 APIs are available via the ACRA API Mall, these include:

SSIC refers to Singapore Standard Industrial Classification 
LLP refers to Limited Liability Partnership 
FYE refers to Financial Year End 
LP refers to Limited Partnership 
FS refers to Financial Statement 
FY refers to Financial Year 
XBRL refers to eXtensible Business Reporting Language 

Data Packages

ACRA’s API Mall offers 2 packages to cater to subscribers’ differing data consumption needs.

Category Package 1  Package 2
Fees#  No. of API Calls*  
Fees#  No. of API Calls* 
Entity Information Query  $450  1,500  $3,000 10,000 
Financial Information Query  $450  1,500  $3,000 10,000 
Validate and Upload XBRL FS 

No charge for the service.

Customers may subscribe for unlimited calls. 

*An API call allows the subscriber to retrieve a response according to the API service they selected. 
#Fees stated here exclude GST charges.

  • Payment for the API purchases can be made online via MasterCard or Visa.
  • Purchased API calls will be deducted from the subscriber’s account when successful API calls are made.

Getting Started

Subscribe to ACRA’s API services through the ACRA API Mall portal, in three easy steps:

  1. Register / Login: Create an account.
  2. Purchase APIs: Purchase your preferred package by selecting the relevant API categories.
  3. Using APIs: Generate the authentication token using the assigned Client ID and Secret Key to start using the API services. 

Please refer to the Getting Started guide for more information. 

API Test Console (Sandbox Environment)

Keen to try out our API services? The ACRA API Mall provides a sandbox environment to create simulated responses for testing purposes. Interested parties can test the usage for each API service in the respective API Test Console using the test data provided, before registering for an account or purchasing the API services.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for the list of FAQs on ACRA API Mall. 

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