As part of ACRA’s on-going efforts to improve the design and customer experience of our eServices, enhancements have been made to the eForms of 14 BizFile+ eServices.

Filers will no longer need to manually key in relevant bio-data for some position holders as all relevant bio-data for NRIC and some FIN holders will be obtained by ACRA directly from the relevant government agencies. This will cut down the time required in filling up the eForms, and also ensure the accuracy of the bio-data submitted for the relevant position holders.

The 14 BizFile+ eServices are:

  • Application for New Company Name
  • Incorporation of Local Company
  • Registration of Amalgamation
  • Application for New Foreign Company Name
  • Registration of Branch of Foreign Company
  • Application for a New Business Name
  • Application to Register Person(s) and Business Name
  • Application for a New LLP Name
  • Application to Register a New LLP
  • Application for a New LP Name
  • Application to Register a New LP
  • Application for Approval of Public Accounting Firm
  • Name Application for Public Accounting Firm
  • Transfer of Registration (Redomiciliation)
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