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About BizFile


BizFile ( is ACRA’s award-winning online filing and information retrieval system. BizFile offers close to 300 e-services, serving as a one-stop facilitator for businesses. With the integration of e-services with multiple agencies such as the Singapore Customs, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Spring Singapore and Singapore Government Network Information Centre, business owners can now be GST-registered, reserve their web domain name or activate their customs account, among other business processes. You can also do a search for registered entities, purchase information, and file business transaction, etc on BizFile.

This section provides an overview of BizFile and the tools to assist you in your e-transactions.

  • 3 easy ways to access BizFile

From your home or office PC, you will be able to access BizFile using any standard browser (eg Internet Explorer 8.0 and below). Please refer to the system requirements.

CitizenConnect Centre provides easy and convenient access to BizFile as well as other online government services. If you do not have access to internet or a computer, you may visit any of the CitizenConnect Centres to file your online transaction.

Alternatively, you may also make use of ACRA's BizFile self-help kiosks.

  • Types of eServices available on BizFile

You may refer to this listing for the different types of transactions, and their related legislation as well as the cost of each transaction.

  • BizFile e-Guides

Step-by-step e-guides and brochures for the various types of lodgement are made available to guide a new user on how to file a transaction.

  • Sample attachments of BizFile transactions

Companies are required to file documents with ACRA under certain legislative requirements. Submitted documents have to meet standard guidelines. We have prepared a list of configurable template documents to allow you to submit such information with ease.

  • File specifications for online submission

If you have supporting documents that are required to be filed with ACRA, you will need to scan the documents in accordance with certain technical specifications

  • Do you need assistance?

Ask ACRA is the interactive FAQ web service which provides best matched answers for your enquiries. If you are unable to find a suitable answer to your enquiry on BizFile, you may submit your enquiry to us.

You may also contact our Helpdesk at 6248 6028. (Operating hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm, from Mondays to Fridays. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) 

Last Updated/Reviewed on 18 Feb 2014