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Companies Act Cap. 50
Companies Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 1
Companies (Central Depository System) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 2
Companies (Application of Bankruptcy Act Provisions) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 3
Companies (Summary Financial Statement) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 4
Companies (Accounting Standards Committee) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 5
Companies (Accounting Standards) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 6
Companies (Filing of Documents) Regulations Cap. 50,
Regulation 7
Companies (Winding Up) Rules Cap. 50, Rule 1
Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers Cap. 50, Rule 2
Companies (Identical Names) Rules Cap. 50,
Rule 3
Companies (Accounts of Public Listed Companies) (Substitution of Period) Order Cap. 50,
Order 1
Companies (Accounting Standards for Listed Companies) Order Cap. 50,
Order 2
Companies (Exempt Private Companies) (Consolidation) Notification Cap. 50,
Notification 8
Directions under Section 27 (1)(d) - Consolidation Cap. 50,
Direction 1
Proclamation Cap. 50,
Proclamation 1
Proclamation Cap. 50,
Proclamation 2
Proclamation Cap. 50,
Proclamation 3
Cancellation of Direction under Section 27(1)(d) S 214/2000
Cancellation of Direction under Section 27(1)(d) S 318/2000
Companies (Exempt Private Companies) Notification 2002 S 254/2002
Companies (Exemption) Order 2002 S 274/2002
Companies (Central Depository System) (Section 130D - Supplementary Provisions for Business Trusts) Regulations 2006 S 293/2006
Cancellation of Directions under Section 27(1)(d) S 257/2008
Companies (Exemption from Notification of Substantial Shareholding) (Revocation)Order 2012 S 565/2012
Companies (Prescribed Percentage under Section 76B(3) and (3B)) Notification 2013 S 629/2013


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